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Public Utility FAQs



Am I required to connect to water and sewer?

Can I connect to water and sewer?
At this point, no additional connections are allowed. Please refer to the City of Greensboro Water/Sewer extension policy for additional information.

Why design and construct the water and sewer utilities now?
Adherence to tight scheduling is critical in meeting site readiness requirements. A project of this magnitude takes approximately two years to design and construct.

How many properties does the water and sewer extension project impact?
The new water and sewer pipelines are anticipated to be installed along the roadways. Letters were sent to 475 property owners in Guilford County and 189 property owners in Randolph County.

Is there enough water for extreme drought conditions?
Yes, the City will ensure that water reserve limits are maintained in cases of emergency.

When will you know what side of the road the water will go on?
Survey and design is anticipated to last one year, starting in June 2015. At the end of this process the placement of water and sewer lines will be determined.

Will there be fire hydrants?
Yes, fire hydrants are currently planned to be installed along the waterlines.

What is a utility easement?
A utility easement is a strip of land used by the City to construct, operate and maintain utilities. Property owners are compensated for the acquisition of utility easements. To the extent possible, we leave the property the way we found it.

What happens if someone refuses to give you an easement that you need?
It is the City’s intent and practice to negotiate in good faith with all property owners and provide the property owner an opportunity to substantiate the value of the property requested for the granting of an easement. If a property owner chooses not to negotiate just compensation for the property requested, the City will evaluate other available options. If no other available options exist, the City would then consider an eminent domain action in accordance with Article 1 of Chapter 40A of the North Carolina General Statutes.

Why is the proposed pump station located so close to the Dodson Lake outfall? What if there is a sewage spill?
The proposed pump station needs to be constructed along the streams to allow the upstream areas to flow by gravity into the pump station. The pump station will include features to reduce the potential for spills; this includes a back-up pump, a standby generator, and a warning system that will notify the City of a potential failure in advance of a spill.

Will utility line installation adversely impact well water and/or septic tank systems?
The utility installation requires the digging of a three to five foot wide trench, the pipe will be installed and the trench will be backfilled back to original ground elevations. This work is not expected to impact well or septic systems.

Where will the funding coming from for the Construction Phase?
The proposed funding for construction will come from the City and the Golden Leaf Foundation, but this has not been finalized.


What is road right-of-way?
Road right-of-way is a strip of land used to construct and maintain roadways. The road right-of-way along the proposed water and sewer routes is owned by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The width of the road right-of-way for most two-lane roads is typically 60-feet, or 30-feet in each direction from the road centerline.

What traffic impacts will this project have?
At this time we will not be able to determine traffic impacts; however a traffic impact study is planned for early 2016.

Will there be a similar meeting in the future for traffic impacts?
Future meeting dates and topics have not been scheduled. The City will notify citizens when future public meetings are scheduled.

How many additional trains per day will the Mega Site create?
At this time we are not able to determine the number of additional trains per day that the mega site will create.

What track improvements will Norfolk Southern make?
Currently, the City is not aware of any track improvements that will be made by Norfolk Southern. Citizens will be notified if improvements are made.

Where will the interchanges be located?
The development and location of potential interchanges in the vicinity of the mega site will be determined following an extensive transportation engineering and environmental planning process. The process will follow guidelines established by the NCDOT for roadway improvements.


Is the City of Greensboro going to annex my property?

How much property is needed for this project?
A utility easement is approximately 20 feet in width along the route if road right-of-way cannot be utilized.

How is my property value determined?
An independent land value appraisal will be conducted.

Who do I contact if I want to inquire about selling my property?
You can email or call 1-800-342-0966 for more information about selling your property near the Mega Site Project.

What should I expect during the survey and design?
Most of the survey work will be along the road right-of-way to properly identify property boundaries. Surveyors may also need to locate your property corners along the side and back of your property. Easements may not be required from all of the lands originally involved in the preliminary survey.

How was this site chosen?
The mega site was identified by an engineering firm that evaluated the 12 county Triad region in search of a site that best met the criteria for a mega site. The search criteria included highway and rail access as well as proximity to a large population.

How much property is currently purchased/optioned?
Approximately 1,825 acres has been purchased.

What automobile manufacturers are interested in the site?
The City of Greensboro and Randolph County are working together to attract a major employer that would provide new manufacturing and supporting jobs to the region. Due to confidentiality in recruiting major employers, the City can’t mention any interested company until they have officially closed on the property.

How can I get more information?
Call: 800-342-0966

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